Our services are Providing Tulsa, & Northeastern, Central Oklahoma with concrete contracting services for residential home owners and commercial parking lots.
Concrete is such a useful material, installations ranging from: Patios, Sidewalks, Driveways, Steps, Footings, Walls, Columns, Foundation, Stem Walls, Piers, Curbing, Ramps, and Parking, Paving, Metal Building foundation contracting, so many more aspects of making life solid and useful, as well as elegant simplicity. We do, earth-work, digging excavating, grading & sloping for water control. Demolition and Removal, Additions, and drainage control.
For indoor projects, we stain, seal, patch, and do overlays on top of concrete for a desired finish.
Estimation generally begins with consideration of a project, its size and scope. Solomon as estimator finisher, will visit each project location and do a write up on site or email/text. ALL concrete estimates are done in person, guaranteed.

Sol-Co Patio

Track buggy going up very steep incline.
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